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Happy Family

Few days back, I met a jolly couple in their 30s dreaming for parenthood. The gynaec had asked them to reduced their weight. After doing all the required medical tests, both were found to be physically and mentally sound. They were also prepared, well versed with all general knowledge about being parents.

We soon started talking on a personal level. Its not like that they don’t understand or they don’t know anything about health, nutrition and preventive health care. As I said earlier they were well versed with all knowledge.

Although there were some gaps in their knowledge, what they needed really was not diet planning. but nutritional consulting. So, I engaged in a conversation with them, cautiously probing into their minds, trying to get into their psyche – like peeling the layers of onion. It was essential to understand their lifestyle, nutrition details and their mindset.

I observed that for them reducing weight meant cutting down on food and initiating a daily gym routine. Though generally in the right direction, it is more important to make right kind of food choices in meals, activity patterns and life style changes. Born in a ready-to-eat food culture, modern couples tend to think that medicinal supplements are sufficient to cover any inherent deficiencies in them and hope to have a healthy child.

You would certainly agree that to get a desired fruit, one has to grow the seed in a well nurtured soil, with lots of care. Then why do we forget that for giving birth to a healthy baby we need to ensure a well nourished body? Both partners have to nurture yourself with good nutrition as well as develop a positive mindset, to give birth to a healthy child for your family or human being for this nation.

The conversation ended in a right note as the couple realised that they needed to focus on a healthy body and mind, with the help of nutritionally balanced diet. It was getting late and we bid each other farewell. I walked away happy that I could add value to their parental dreams.