Dieting or Diet Planning is not a specific diet which anyone can adopt to achieve desired results. It cannot be bought off the shelf and experimented with.

“Let me try this plan. Look, how slim Aparna looks after following it”

This is a wrong approach towards diet management.

Diet planning is a learning process.

One has to
– Check all your daily food intake,
– Monitor your meals,
– Check how your body react after each day meals.
– Assess your daily activity schedules

You will notice differences on days when you have a regular meal and the days when you eat outside food / junk food / cold drinks soft drink / alcohol / non veg.

It may not show any difference after eating non-veg,  if you are a hardcore non-veg eater like Catholic’s or Punjabi, as your body is use to it. Digesting 2 – 3 jowar bhakri / rotis  is easy for hardcore Maharashtrian. Eating rice in all meals is OK for South Indians. But if you shuffle all these meals  in between  these groups, each persons metabolism reacts in different way. 

Also, crash diet is most certainly not diet planning. Anyone recommending a crash diet is not your well wisher and anyone following such a plan is causing more harm to one’s own body.

So Diet planning is actually, learning and understanding each individuals own nutrition requirement and doing appropriate modifications in your meals and lifestyle, under the guidance of a professional dietitian.

Wishing every one a Happy & a Healthy  New Year.

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