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Slim girl“She has a great body and has absolutely no constraints when she indulges in dollops of ice cream and enjoys life at her fullest. Then why oh why, do I have to restrict my diet, avoid this, eat that (yuck). I want to be like her!”

Does this thought ever cross your mind? 35 year old Greta who lives in Europe has a similar predicament and I won’t blame her. But let me warn you, this drive to emulate someone else, who is slimmer or fitter than you, can and will eventually take you down the anorexia lane.

There are two extreme perspectives on this – I want to be as slim as her and I want to be as healthy as she is. Rather than cribbing on the other person, your focus should be on ‘you’ having a healthy body and lifestyle.

‘Slim is beautiful’ is a marketing myth which is brainwashed into you by the media, whose only purpose is to enslave you as a consumer.

One has to realize that what one should eat depends on ones own metabolism. Metabolically, you are absolutely different from every other person. But that does not mean, you should go on starvation mode or skip lunch or dinner, or get into an ever spiraling depression of ‘why does this happens only to me?’ You are not alone.

A negative attitude towards yourself and your life plays havoc with your emotions and in this state, it is difficult to control your eating habits.

A well balanced diet with a proper mix of carbohydrates and proteins – along with some vitamins and minerals to aid in absorption of food, moderate activity and a positive outlook towards life will go a long way towards a healthy and purposeful life. Yoga and pranayam can also help you achieve the mental stability needed to focus your mind on the positive aspects of life.

And most importantly avoid a crash diet solution or a 17 day miracle like a plague! Eating right is not a quick cure destination but a journey – a way of life.