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If you are doing this to reduce your weight, mind it, you are moving in the opposite direction. Remember to “Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch like a commoner and Dinner like a pauper

It is important to have a nutritious and full breakfast because the metabolic rate is high and absorption is also good in the morning, so a well balanced combination of carbs + proteins helps to fulfill this need. Eat at least one fruit compulsorily along with it.

I have noted a trend of people skipping their lunch or dinner, in order to reduce weight. This is not good practice. Skipping meals during day can lead to elevated fasting glucose and delayed insulin response, which eventually leads to Diabetes.

Even if it is recommended to eat dinner like a pauper, it should not be skipped. Although your metabolic activity have reduced by night time, your body needs some amount of carbs to help break down fats.

Have a light and early dinner. This gives your body time to digest the food. If you sleep immediately after dinner, most of the food gets stored as fat. Now, thats not what we want, right?

One roti, sabzi, dal and salad is a good meal to end the day. Keep the meal light and non-oily or alternatively have a thick vegetable soup (without cream or any thickening agent) + raita along with a multi-grain bread. Don’t just  starve yourself only on salads, fruits or soups.

Going on a crash diet is not good for you either.

When you cut down on your calorie intake drastically, the body burns its glycogen reserves to cope up with its energy needs, which leads to a water loss in the body through urination. A major component of the weight loss experienced is just this water loss.

Your metabolic rate drops and muscle is used for its energy needs. Body holds on to its fat reserves so you reach a stage where no matter how much you reduce the calorie intake, you do not lose your fat, which can be verified by conducting a body fat analysis.

People then revert back to their original eating pattern, which causes them to put on weight again. With each such cycle, your metabolic efficiency reduces and weight keeps on increasing even if you eat lesser food.

If you really need to reduce weight, stay away from starvation diets and follow a professionally designed weight loss program, tailored to your individual needs and physiology.

At Anagha’s world, we do not promote or endorse starvation diets.