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junkfood-samosaSo what is Junk food after all?

Any food item which has little or no nutritional value, usually high in fat, sugar and / or calories is JUNK. Most common junk food items include salted snack items, chocolates, sweet desserts, fried fast foods, carbonated drinks (read Pepsi, Cola, Thums up, …), etc.

Well, everyone knows that junk food is not good for health and can lead to obesity and other forms chronic health illness. What we need to know is – how do I stop myself from bingeing on a cheese pizza with extra cheese or dipping into the bag of crispies.

Try this!

  • Listen to your self

Wake up in morning and look in the mirror and tell yourself in a bold confident tone “I am going to slim down and No one can stop me from doing this, Not even me!”. Positive self suggestions have a strong influence on your sub-conscious mind.

  • Do not starve yourself!

Eat a series of six small meals throughout the day rather than three large ones. This will help you maintain your sugar levels and stop the craving to binge.

  • Take small steps.

Reduce instead of avoiding certain foods. Do not derive yourself the pleasure of an occasional sin. But make it point to have just a  small portion rather than a full plate. The definition of a portion has also changed over the last 30 years. 🙂

  • Eat slowly.

It takes 20-25 mins for the brain to register that the stomach has its fill. If you gorge on your food very quickly, you eat a lot more than what you actually need. Then you get that feeling of over-eating and you just hate it.

You should eat slowly and chew on the food purposefully. This not only releases the much needed saliva for the initial phase of digestion to happen, it also gives the brain time to register ‘Not hungry anymore” signals from your stomach.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet

To help you plan one, you just might have to come over and have a chat with us.

  • Go Healthy

Choose healthy, nutritious and natural snack options instead of the usual fried, high calorie junk food. An Idli plate or a Veg toast sandwich with low-fat cheese spread sparingly over it, is any time better than the fried Samosa, Vada, Pizza or Cheese burger, with extra cheese.

There are loads of them available and I will be sharing some recipes with you soon. So watch this space!